Risk Management Tips from a Leading Riverside Realtor

Risk Management Tips from a Leading Riverside Realtor

  • Brad Alewine
  • 11/7/22

The best real estate agents and investors know that there will always be risks involved with the industry. Some risks can be managed, while others are out of one's control. For instance, investors can avoid the risk of losing all their money by diversifying their portfolios. However, risks associated with unexpected events or demographics are beyond the control of the investor.
To find out which risks are present in any given investment, we use a method called risk management to extract the needed information. Most people will agree that being involved with real estate is going to require some sort of risk management. Risk management is important because it can help mitigate risks based on financial objectives. Keep reading to learn about the various risk management tips to earn attractive returns on your real estate investments.

Market risk

Commercial and private real estate prices are influenced by a variety of economic factors such as interest rates, inflation, and unemployment; however, not all markets will feel the impact equally. Therefore, it is important for investors to consider how economic trends can impact the market in which the real estate is located. For instance, the “Sun Belt,” a region in the United States that is said to stretch across the Southeast and Southwest, continues to see a rise in real estate values while other areas have suffered a little bit more. Depending on how high mortgage rates are can also influence buyers out of the market. Assessing these trends quarterly, if not yearly, can give you a better understanding of what lies ahead.
In order to mitigate these risks, investors should diversify their portfolios. By choosing properties in a variety of locations and markets, the impact of such factors is not quite as strong. For example, any potential gains in a strong market can help offset losses in another. Thinking critically about where you conduct a home search can reduce risk.

Physical property risk

Both multi-million dollar properties and apartments are prone to the risk of physical damage. Roofs can begin to leak, paint can get scratched, and cracks may appear on walls. Most property managers or owners transfer the risk to an insurer. If a big mistake or damage occurs, the insurer will pay for it. In some cases, the insurance may also pay for damaged or stolen goods. While getting insurance for your property or real estate is always a good idea, there are also other ways to manage the risks. By catching the damage in the early stages, they can be controlled. One way to ensure you do not have anything unsatisfactory going on is to get regular inspections done or use your own judgment throughout the house to repair potential issues.

Environmental risks

Several environmental risks, such as wind, tornadoes, and hurricanes, can wreak havoc on your real estate investments. Stay away from investing in places such as the Gulf Coast, where drastic environmental changes can affect the property. If you are purchasing investment property here, there is a possibility that you will have more repairs. Mitigate risks by making a wise buying decision in the beginning and doing your proper research.

Negative cash flow

Real estate cash flow is money left over after paying expenses such as taxes and insurance. Typically, for a good investment, you want a positive cash flow at all times. Some reasons your investment goes into negative cash flow may be high vacancy rates, not charging enough rent, or costly maintenance. One of the best ways to manage the risk of going into a negative cash flow is by using a good rental strategy or taking the time to calculate your anticipated income and expenses. Using a cash flow calculator in the beginning when you are planning your investment can be one of the best ways to understand if you have any risk of going into negative cash flow.

Tenant risk

If you own Hawarden Hills Properties and rent it out to tenants, that poses another potential risk. There is more risk associated with one tenant in a single unit. This is because the occupancy rate will either be 100% or 0%. On the other hand, if there is more than one tenant occupying a smaller percentage of the total property area, it is generally less risky. You can avoid associated risks by having a tenant sign longer lease terms or diversifying the types of tenants you have on your property. Essentially, you do not want the departure of one tenant to impact the profitability of your real estate. Some owners consider hiring a property manager to help them manage all the troubles that may come with renters. Although this can be handled on your own, it is not a bad idea if you have enough of a profit margin.

Development risk

When an Alessandro Heights Riverside property requires significant development or redevelopment, there is a potential risk associated with it. This may not apply to all real estate, but if you are someone who is developing from scratch, you may want to consider this. One of the main risks includes construction risks when a project may not be completed on a specific timeline, thus increasing construction costs. Additionally, the possibility of any defects after completion. Ensuring that you hire a general contractor or sponsor with significant experience in construction project management will help you in the long run. It is also important to do your research and be proactive during the process.

Lean on a realtor

Lean on a trustworthy realtor to help you navigate the selling or buying process. Brad Alewine is the number-one go-to realtor in the Riverside area. If you have any questions or need help selling your real estate investment properties, he is here to help! With over 31 years of experience, he has the expertise you are looking for in all different types of situations. Reach out today!

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