5 Best Places to Shop in Alessandro Heights

5 Best Places to Shop in Alessandro Heights

  • Brad Alewine Group
  • 08/7/23

Alessandro Heights is one of the best places to live in Riverside County. Its secluded locale makes it a great way to enjoy the scenery of the California countryside without dealing with the crowds. Additionally, the three natural arroyos that can be found in the neighborhood make it a hotspot for local plant life and wilderness. Residential luxury and the beauty of nature collide in Alessandro Heights. That being said, since Alessandro Heights is primarily a residential area, it can be tough for new residents to figure out the best options for shopping and dining. If you’re looking to do some shopping in Alessandro Heights, here are your best choices in the area and nearby.

Shop #1: Gless Ranch Farmers Market

19985 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, California

If you’re looking for local produce, Gless Ranch is an excellent choice. The farm has a rich history dating back to 1958 and has been a fixture of the community ever since. Gless Ranch opened a food stand in 2004, and over time the building has been renovated into a thriving local market, selling fresh produce seven days a week. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Gless Ranch customers can find more surprising items, like local artisan goods, specialty items, and even craft beer. If you’re new to Alessandro Heights and want to immerse yourself in the local history and culture, you should definitely check out Gless Ranch.

Shop #2: Mission Grove Shopping Center

321 E Alessandro Boulevard, Riverside, California

The Mission Grove Shopping Center is a perfectly convenient location for Alessandro Heights residents looking to get some shopping done. This collection of stores is just a short drive away from Alessandro Heights and is a great place for you to cover your shopping basics. If you’re looking to stock your shelves, Mission Grove has both a Stater Bros. and a Sprouts, which should give you numerous grocery options. There’s also a BevMo, so you can fill up your wine cabinet too. Mission Grove boasts a solid selection of restaurants as well. If you’re looking to dine out, you can consider offerings like Gra!Pow, a Thai fusion restaurant, or Romano’s, a Chicago pizzeria. When it comes to entertainment, Mission Grove also features Galaxy Theatre, where you can take in the latest blockbuster.

Shop #3: Canyon Crest Towne Centre

5225 Canyon Crest Drive, Riverside, California

If you’re looking for something a bit more involved while shopping in Alessandro Heights, consider Canyon Crest Towne Centre. This mall offers a wide variety of shopping and dining options, and the beautiful outdoor setting also plays home to local music events from time to time. At Canyon Crest, you can find local businesses like Lot 22 Olive Oil Co., a family-owned producer that makes many flavors of olive oil from local ingredients. Family-owned jewelry store Geneva Jewelers is a recent addition.

Canyon Crest Towne Center also boasts several dining options. With the mall’s recently renovated walkways and patios, outdoor dining is an especially appealing option here. The Towne Center has a lot of dining options, from Japanese to Mexican to pizza. Recently opened eatery Break the Ice is a particularly notable option, serving Asian desserts like taiyaki and boba tea.

Shop #4: Galleria at Tyler

1299 Galleria at Tyler, Riverside, California

This two-story mall is a great option for when you want to make a day out of shopping in Alessandro Heights. The Galleria at Tyler offers all the hallmarks of a typical mall, and to that end, there’s something here for everyone. Children can enjoy the Galleria’s Build-a-Bear location, while adults can shop at establishments like Barnes & Noble and Victoria’s Secret. When it comes to passing time out of the shops, the Galleria at Tyler also hosts an AMC movie theater. The Galleria’s offerings are rounded out by a robust food court and a host of sit-down establishments such as Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s, and Red Robin. In addition to the usual mall outlets, the Galleria at Tyler hosts a farmer’s market on Sundays, giving you a chance to stock up on local produce.

Shop #5: The Shops at Dos Lagos

2780 Cabot Drive, Corona, California

This shopping center is a bit more of a drive from Alessandro Heights, but it’s worth it. The Shops at Dos Lagos offer a distinctly upscale shopping experience. The mall’s pedestrian-friendly design incorporates a pair of scenic lakes that visitors can enjoy by way of a bamboo bridge. This makes for a much more picturesque shopping experience than some of the other local offerings. There is also a trolley service running every twenty minutes to help visitors better navigate the various storefronts. There are many shopping options at Dos Lagos, including a Trader Joe’s if you’re looking for groceries. If you want to eat out, the shopping center has plenty of restaurants as well, including luxury options like Baco Wine & Grill.

When it comes to entertainment options, Dos Lagos excels. In addition to an on-site movie theater, The Shops also boast an outdoor amphitheater that can be rented for private events. There’s a playground as well, for the benefit of shoppers with small children. Dos Lagos also offers musical events on a regular basis, so if you live in the area, you should keep an eye on the venue’s website to see what’s going on.

Cashing out in Alessandro Heights

The residential neighborhood of Alessandro Heights is great thanks to its close proximity to a wide array of strong shopping options. This advantage, coupled with all the other selling points of Alessandro Heights, makes the region a very tempting place to move into. If you’re interested in making Alessandro Heights your home, you should start thinking about reaching out to a real estate agent. The Brad Alewine Group is an excellent choice. With over 31 years of real estate experience in the Riverside area, Brad and his team can help you get the best possible result shopping for homes in Alessandro Heights. Reach out when you’re ready to learn more.
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