Things to Do in Riverside CA

Things to Do in Riverside CA

  • Brad Alewine Group
  • 10/3/23

Riverside, California, is more than just another city in the sprawling landscape of Southern California — it's a vibrant urban oasis that brims with cultural, historical, and recreational offerings. Visitors and locals alike can explore the rich local history through its array of museums showcasing art, natural history, and more. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the extensive network of hiking trails, offering picturesque views of the city and surrounding landscapes. A trip to Riverside is incomplete without indulging in its diverse culinary scene, boasting a mix of traditional and modern eateries catering to all preferences. The city is also home to beautiful gardens and parks that provide a peaceful escape in the heart of an urban setting. Riverside is truly an oasis with a plethora of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Dive into a world of adventure, learning, and fun with this curated guide to some of the best activities in Riverside.

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

7621 Granite Hill Dr, Riverside, CA 92509

Tucked away in the serene embrace of the Jurupa Mountains, the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center emerges as a sanctuary for those with a thirst for nature's marvels. Beyond its role as an educational institution, it's an experience — a place where the age-old tales of Earth unfold in the most enchanting ways. Children's faces light up at the sight of real-life dinosaur exhibits, while adults are transported back to a time of prehistoric wonder. Let your senses be captivated as you stroll through the lush gardens of the center, pausing to admire the magnificent dinosaur sculptures that stand as sentinels of a bygone era.

World Museum of Natural History

4500 Riverwalk Pkwy, Riverside, CA 92515

A portal to the epochs of our planet, the World Museum of Natural History invites you on a mesmerizing voyage. Gaze upon artifacts that whisper tales from eons past, touch the fossils that have outlived entire civilizations, and behold minerals that shimmer with the stories of creation. Every corner beckons with discovery, offering a mosaic of our Earth's journey. Whether you're a seasoned historian, an amateur scientist, or simply a dreamer, the museum unfurls a tapestry of wonders waiting to be explored.

The Dickens Festival in Riverside

Main St & Tenth St, Riverside, CA 92501

Embark on a journey to Victorian England right in the heart of Riverside. The Dickens Festival in Riverside is more than an event — it's a time-honored tradition that brings the community together. As the streets come alive with the echoes of Dickensian tales, you'll encounter characters who leap straight out of classic novels, each with their own story to tell. Revel in theatrical renditions, lose yourself in the old-world charm of the street fairs, and let the ambiance transport you to the romantic lanes of 19th-century England at this beloved annual event.

UC Riverside Botanic Gardens

1 Botanic Gardens Dr, Riverside, CA 92507

The UC Riverside Botanic Gardens is a 40-acre plant museum situated in the foothills of the Box Springs Mountains on the University of California, Riverside campus. This gem offers a peaceful retreat from the urban hustle and bustle, providing a diverse collection of over 3,500 plant species from around the world, adapted to a semi-arid climate. The collections are organized into thematic gardens, displaying a wide variety of both exotic and native flora, which can be explored through four miles of scenic trails.

Visitors can immerse themselves in a range of environments, including a rose garden that showcases different varieties of rose species, presenting a burst of colors and fragrances. The herb garden is a favorite for many, offering a rich sensory experience with a wide array of culinary and medicinal herbs. Additionally, the subtropical and tropical fruit orchards allow visitors a chance to understand the diversity and utility of plants in different ecosystems.

This picturesque locale is not only a haven for plant enthusiasts but also a vibrant habitat for wildlife, including over 200 bird species, which makes it a popular spot for bird watching. Educational programs, seasonal plant sales, and garden tours offer immersive experiences, encouraging learning and exploration for school groups, families, and individuals. The UC Riverside Botanic Gardens is a vibrant space fostering education, conservation, and a deeper appreciation for the splendid world of plants.

The Riverside Downtown Farmer's Market

3521 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501

The Riverside Downtown Farmer's Market is a staple in the Riverside community, offering a vibrant and bustling space where locals and visitors can find a wide array of fresh produce, artisan goods, and delightful street food every Saturday morning. Patrons have the opportunity to interact directly with growers and producers, ensuring high-quality, locally sourced products. The market fosters a sense of community, encouraging sustainable farming and healthy eating by providing a diverse selection of organic fruits, vegetables, and handcrafted products. It is a wonderful destination to enjoy a refreshing morning while supporting local businesses.

Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park

400 Central Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park in Riverside, California, is a remarkable natural reserve spreading over 1,500 acres, offering a vast network of trails for hiking, biking, and equestrian use. This expansive park serves as a green oasis in the city, showcasing Riverside's commitment to preserving its natural habitat and promoting outdoor recreational activities. It is a biodiversity hotspot, home to a variety of plant species and wildlife, creating an enriching environment for educational nature studies and wildlife photography.

Visitors are welcomed with picturesque views of rolling hills, ravines, and a dazzling display of wildflowers in the spring, offering an ever-changing canvas of natural beauty throughout the seasons. The park facilitates several vantage points providing panoramic views of the city and beyond, making it a favorite spot for both amateur and seasoned photographers. Its accessibility to individuals of various fitness levels, with trails ranging from easy to challenging, makes Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park a preferred destination for family outings and adventure enthusiasts alike, offering a refreshing escape in the midst of nature.

Goodies Night Market

6520 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92506

As the blanket of night descends on the first and third Saturdays of every month, Goodies Night Market emerges as Riverside's starlit culinary paradise. Embrace a mosaic of flavors from distant lands, from the tangy zest of Asian delicacies to the rich warmth of Mediterranean treats. Each stall is a doorway to a world of taste, tantalizing your senses and weaving tales of far-off places. In the heart of this nocturnal feast, savor moments of camaraderie and the simple joys of shared laughter and delicious bites.

Riverside, with its blend of nature, culture, and history, offers a little something for everyone. Whether you're a resident or just passing through, make sure to explore its diverse attractions. After all, every day is a new opportunity for discovery in this delightful city. Welcome to Riverside, where memories are just waiting to be made.

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