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Find your condo with the help of Brad Alewine Group. As a highly-rated real estate professional, Brad Alewine Group has the experience and resources to help you find the perfect property in Hawarden Hills. Browse through various properties and find the perfect condo that meets all your needs and exceeds all your expectations.

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Hawarden Hills: A Private and Historic Community

Hawarden Hills is a highly sought-after community in Riverside, California. Established in 1883, it is a private and historic area located just south of downtown off Highway 91. With its stately homes, winding streets, and hilly terrain, it is no wonder why this community has some of the highest property values in the city.

The Benefits of Living in a Condo in Hawarden Hills

Living in a condo in Hawarden Hills has many benefits. One of the main advantages is the lower maintenance required compared to owning a single-family home. Condos are typically managed by an association, which takes care of exterior maintenance, landscaping, and other common areas. This leaves you more time to enjoy all that Hawarden Hills has to offer.

Another advantage of living in a condo is the sense of community. Many condos offer shared amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, or clubhouse. This allows you to socialize with your neighbors and build relationships with others in the community.

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Available Condos for Sale in Hawarden Hills

At Brad Alewine Group, we have a variety of condos available for sale in Hawarden Hills. Whether you are looking for a cozy one-bedroom condo or a spacious three-bedroom condo, we have something to meet your needs.

One of our current listings is a beautiful two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo located at 2150 Whistler Way in Riverside, CA 92506 [1]. This stunning condo features a modern kitchen, spacious living areas, and a private balcony with breathtaking views.

How to Find the Perfect Condo in Hawarden Hills

Finding the perfect condo in Hawarden Hills can be a challenge, but with Brad Alewine Group by your side, it doesn't have to be. Our experienced real estate agents will work with you to understand your unique needs and preferences and help you find the condo that is perfect for you.

To get started on your search, simply visit our website at and browse our available listings. You can also use our search tools to filter listings by price, living area, and other criteria to find the condo that meets your exact needs.

If you are looking for the perfect condo in Hawarden Hills, California, look no further than Brad Alewine Group. With our expert guidance and extensive knowledge of the area, we can help you find the condo of your dreams. Visit our website today to start your search and discover all that Hawarden Hills has to offer.


There's no information available on new condo developments in Hawarden Hills. The available search results only show existing properties for sale.

The available search results do not provide any specific information about the amenities that the condos in Hawarden Hills offer. It is recommended to contact a local real estate agent or the seller directly to inquire about the amenities of specific condos for sale.

There's no information available on open houses for condos in Hawarden Hills. It's best to contact a local real estate agent or the seller directly to inquire about any scheduled open houses.

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